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About Gray stones construction

Gray stones constructions and services is a company led by a team of young professionals who seek to provide the best services to our clients. Gray stones provide civil construction and its relative services. Anchored by a team of professionals, we are dedicated to provide superior service, grounded with honesty and integrity, we focus on your wishes and precise requirements to deliver cost effective solutions with high quality.
Let our team handle the project for you. With our project management and onsite supervision, you can confidently focus on other aspects of your business, knowing we have you covered. We keep the track of every detail—something essential to make sure the work is done right the first time.

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What we do

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01. All types of Construction

  • RCC Residential Construction
  • RCC Commercial Construction
  • RCC Multistorey Constructions

02. Structural Design (RCC and Steel)

  • RCC Framed Structural Design
  • RCC Multistorey Design
  • RCC Commercial Design
  • Steel Design

03. Estimation and Valuation

  • Quantity Estimation of New Construction
  • Valuation of Old Construction

04. House/Space Planning

05. Project Consultant

  • Supervision of Project at Every Phase

06. Structural Repair Work

  • RCC Residential
  • RCC Commercial

07. Seepage Treatment Work

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